Saturday, March 20, 2010

an example of restriction

Just an example of a typical dinner these days.
Tonight I had baked salmon, 2-Tbsp of brown rice and some zucchini & yellow squash (and a slice of lemon for the salmon)
The plate is a toddler plate and I like to use it to remind me of portion size....

Below is my serving:

This is when I had had enough and put my fork down:

My restriction has come back!

Sorry, I have nothing to blog about so I though I would share.
Beautiful here today so I laid in my hammock with my leg propped up on a pillow and just relaxed! It was nice! It was Hot!


  1. First up - what an UNREAL meal!! That salmon looks so yum and brown rice? Miss Healthy!! Not only that, but you didn't finish it. Ahhh wonderful restriction.

    LOVE the picture of you. You look beautiful!!

  2. Not much food is it/???? yay for restriction.

  3. boring!! that isn't boring..laying on the hammock is heaven on earth if you ask me. Wasn't the sunshine awesome today? I have a friend in Illinois who woke up to snow on the ground!! I'll take our weather any day. Your pics are great-good idea with the food pics.

  4. Gorgeous restriction! Can't wait to be back there. Those pics are really helpful.

    Is it really hot there? We have great sun but not hot yet (and snow still on the ground). Can't wait for spring!

    Love your hammock pic. Wish I was hammocking right now....

  5. I also eat off of toddler/salad plates. Depends on what is clean at the time. I also use toddler silverware. It helps me eat smaller bites and slower. However, I have lost my baby fork and need to get another one. The salmon looked beautiful though. Salmon and tilapia are my favorites. Keep up the great work. And the pic is awesome too. Nothing like a lazy day in the hammock. I too woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. Boo.

  6. Love your toddler plate idea. I may have to do that! I am very envious of your heat. It freakin snowed in Texas on the first day of spring....awwwwwww!

  7. I am thinking I need another fill. I get some bad munchies.. Hmm and I am definitely eating more then that... HMMMM

  8. Wow. Not much food. It really helps see that we can't all eat that 1 to 1-1/2 cups they all talk about. I have these small salad plates I bought years ago and now it is my standard-although I can't eat much yet. The hubby looks at me strange as he piles his (big) plate high. It is a good visual though.

  9. Awww, what a fantastic photo of you!!! You look so refreshed and beautiful! :)


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