Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekday Dish - a little delayed

So here I go and try to start the Weekday Dish and I am a big flake!
Sorry bout that!
Had to take Hubby to the ER in the morning… he is fine, just had some edema. Then my daughter had a massive headache and ended up there in the evening…she too is fine now (both are at home sleeping while I am doing my one day at work gig on 3 hrs. sleep and simultaneously coming down with the flu from all the germs I breathed at the ER)

So, here is my menu for Thursday:

6AM - Coffee
8AM - More coffee

11AM – two hard boiled eggs with a tad of mayo & some lettuce and hot sauce split between two super small corn tortillas

1PM – coffee, hospital coffee

4PM – went to Outback and had an ice tea (about 1/3) prior to meal
Had half a Ceasar salad, three coconut shrimp and about half of a baked tater

7PM – Starbucks NF/SF Carmel Moch.  Really Jen? Another coffee

11PM – ½ of a protein bar split with my daughter at the hospital

Well, there it is….. J
Not a great eating day…not a terrible one either I guess???


  1. Well that was quite a day you had. I'm glad they are OK. If it makes you feel better, I didn't post mine yet - but I don't have a good excuse like you!

  2. I spent yesterday in ER with my son (he's ok too) but had to throw a bunch of snacks in my purse as I didn't know how I would find food to eat. Anyway, glad they are both ok and good for you for keeping in control. Will you sleep after all that coffee :-)

  3. here is something to make you laugh about the whole taking everyone to ER and you going to work on 3 hours sleep and oncoming flu.

    I never in a million years thought i would say this but I miss a good salad. I have not been able to handle lettuce in ages. Your shrimp one sounds yummy.

  4. Eating on the run sucks - no wonder you drank so much coffee. My menu would have looked like that too.
    So glad your hubby is ok (that must have been a fright...) and your poor girl too. Headaches suck!! Have a lovely weekend babes. xxx

  5. Jenn - just wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I was a little unmotivated, a little mad at myself for not getting anything done weight-wise, and your post made me feel like there really are people out there who care! Having people like you out there is what is motivating and inspiring! Thank you Jenn! And I'm sorry to hear about your hubby and your daugther! Hope they both are better very soon! You really look great. I'm looking at your new pictures and WOW!

  6. Love the 'hospital coffee' LOL. You poor thing...glad everyone is doing better! I'll have to start doing the 'dish' too...great idea, hope I remember! Rest up girl!


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