Thursday, March 25, 2010

weekday Dish

Coffee, water, coffee, water

2pm leftover taco filling warmed up, added a single serving cottage cheese cup and filled a small pita pocket. Got stuck on the pita so I just ate the filling


4:30 had a dannon yogurt and 1/2 a mounds bar

6:30 made homemade tempura shrimp, I had 5 and about 6 baby bella mushrooms, couple of slices of squash all dipped in sauce. We rarely eat this but my kids are away for Spring break so I thought I'd spoil the hubby with one of his favorites!



  1. All of that sounds yummy to me. You ate a far cry more nutritionally than I did as well :)


  2. Nice food! All that coffee sounds familiar too lol. Good job, Jen. xx

  3. CONGRATS on your 70lb mark!!!! That's just awesome! I also liked seeing what you are eating/and how much. That helps me to compare myself and I'm definitely able to eat much more. How is your recovery from the vein surgery going? Well, I hope. And you look like you are just loving life in the hammock! No sunshine here so I'm jealous!! :)


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