Friday, January 15, 2010

Appointment with the "Lady Station" Doc

So, today was my yearly.. I'm always a bit nervous about it as I have DES exposure (a hormone/medication my mother took when pregnant which has led to cancer in daughters born DES exposed) I also have had a hysterectomy due to two reasons. A football sized fibroid tumor...yes the size of a 4mo pregnancy! and precancerous legions on my uterus. I feel incredibly lucky & blessed to have been able to have my three children prior to the side effects of my PCOS & fibroid tumors. All seemed okay today, awaiting the lab results.
My doc who I saw today is who sent the required referral to SOBC where I had my lap band surgery done and this was the first time I had seen her since. The reaction was great! She asked a lot of questions and asked if I was happy with everything so far. DUH? Yes!!!! I lost 60 freaking lbs. for the first time in my adult life! So - NSV!

Got an hour of exercise today between cleaning out my horses stall and unloading and moving hay. That felt pretty good. Tomorrow I am hoping to walk with my mutt if it is not raining.

On the word of 2010 - PASSION front...still nothing (unless you count the exam today, lol) Although that wasn't the entire meaning behind my choosing the word.

I added a couple pics to the sidebar... Not loving the Texas shirt pic so much... but hey, I didn't delete it, I'd say it is Progress!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Whew you look seriously good - love the pic of you in the striped shirt!! So tall and thin!! Just beautiful.

    So glad all is ok with your exam. Bit scary huh! Also, nice NSV and exercise. You are rocking it!xxx

  2. It's nice not to be scolded at a dr. appointment for our weight, isn't it? BTW, my granddaugthers are huge horse lovers and would love to see pictures of them when you have the time :)

  3. You look so SLIM! Totally awesome. Glad the appointment went well.

  4. I think you look super thin in that orange texas shirt pic!!! Keep it :)

  5. Hey....I liked the Texas shirt the best!! It is hard to look good in a t-shirt and you look really good in it. I also think the longhorn looks nifty.


  6. You look great in all your pics, but I especially like the one with your cat. I can't help it, I am a cat person.

    Glad to hear that all appears to be totally well with you at the annual.


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