Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today I will accomplish something!
Not sure what yet but I have a mental list a mile long.
It's cold in my house because I held off on using the wood stove because of my chest cold. So, it is very tempting to curl up in the bed, finish a book, watch a movie....
But today I am gonna finish something on my list!

Have a Great Sunday!


  1. If I get a vote, I vote for the stay in bed, book, and movie! Sigh. I'm doing laundry today. Loads. Literally!

    Thanks for sharing your sad momma post. It's so bittersweet for me to watch my kids grow up. It was lightening fast. I think that's why I baby my caboose so much, and don't stress over anything. It's not important, and enjoying every second of him is crucial. Sigh, again.

  2. Having been sick for the last several days, I understand the need to cuddle in a warm blanket, its very comforting. How about accomplishing something like bills, checkbook balancing, answering overdue emails or a nice book you have been planning to read is a allowable indulgence when we are not feeling our best:)

  3. sorry you aren't feeling motivated... I always feel like hanging out it bed or napping on the couch- then I think about having twice as much to do later and just get up anyway and do it now. Anyway, your black dress is on the way! whoo hooo!

  4. Ack! Those days when mentally we want to accomplish stuff, but physically we can't be assed are hard. Maybe just split the difference. Bed, book, coffee.. laze... and the last half.. do something. Actually, wish I'd thought of that yesterday lol. Today being Monday, I'm up and Adam and moving! Sigh

  5. Hey Jen! Thanks so much for stopping in and following! I'm following your adventures now too! Sound like we have a lot in common...3 boobs...about a size 14...and I'm thinking I still need the tall jeans too (5'8.5" after losing more than an inch). I've got some reading here to catch up on. Oh, and update that ticker GF...60 lbs. is awesome! -BG


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