Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get the tranquilizer gun...there is a cougar on the loose in Southern Oregon!

What is it about firemen anyway?

Anyone catch Modern Family last night? (if you did, you will know why this is funny, if might still be funny)

So today I was at the grocery store WITH MY HUSBAND I was sort of taking my time in the produce section. The hubs hates to shop with me. He is the type who goes in, throws some crap in the cart and then comes home and expects me to do magic with it....I'd probably do pretty well on that show where you get three funky ingredients to create a meal with...anyway, back to my story.

There I was, checking out the avocados, when in came six firemen doing some shopping for the firehouse and let me tell of them was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! He had to be in his 20's... Did I mention tall & built and in his 20's? (if you watch Day's our lives - think Rafe :)
So there I stood, with an avocado in each hand, locked eye to eye with hunky fireman.
And what did I do?
I smiled a smile at that boy, you know the one girls... that "you couldn't handle me" smile and that boy blushed, turned his gaze away for a second
but then it happened... wait for it...wait...
He smiled back with a grin that said..."oh yes I could"

Then my husband yelled from across the store - Jennifer! I don't want to be here all day!

Oh right, back to reality!


  1. That is THE BEST story I've heard in a long time :)

    - Shannon

  2. I hear ya sister!!! What an awesome NSV! Gotta love some hunky firemen!

  3. HYSTERICAL. You rock on with your bad self!

  4. Loved that recap.. it reads like a romantic had me reading your post pretty quick (ha ha).. damn why did you husband have to call you!

  5. lol GO YOU!!! OOh a quick eye flirtation and with a hunka spunk.. I'm think its fantastic and girl.. you had it going on. Typical husband to bring you back to earth with a thump.!!

  6. that is the best story I have heard all day :) So much better than fleas and camouflage :) I don't even know if i know how to do the flirty eyeball smile like that...Now I am gonna have to start practicing.


  7. What's with firemen? OW. Hot, HOT, hot... !!!
    I have some GOOD fireman stories, which I will gladly share once I get to know you better. Good for YOU!!!


  8. Loooove Modern Family :) Loved your version too!! :D

  9. Aren't those little moments the best!

  10. I watched Modern Fam last night and know EXACTLY what you're talking about - I love that show! And for the record, I love firemen MORE than the show ;-) Especially hot, 20 something firemen haha. And hey, at least you weren't holding melons - that could have been awkward haha. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. LOVE this story! If only you had taken a picture so we could get the full visual!

    Meanwhile, can't believe someone had a problem with this? WTF? Bite me is right!


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