Friday, January 22, 2010

Sad Momma :(

My son, Zack 18, moved out to share a place with some friends. A part of me is really excited for him and part of me knows he will be back at some point or another, maybe.
He is a fast thinker, hard worker and has a pretty good head on his shoulders but I am his Mom and I worry about him.

My band has kept me from nervous eating. I had a really rough stuck episode this morning. I had to fast from midnight for my 6 month post-op labs this morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee after and then went home to make an early lunch. Tried a piece of flat bread (10g protein) with some cottage cheese and deli turkey. 1st bite... STUCK! This was the worst one I have had to date. I slimed for a good hour. Still, No Regrets! I love my band!

I've been on the hunt for jeans the last couple days as my current stash (with the exception of my two 14's) have some major saggy-ass going on! If I put my keys and blackberry in my pocket I'd better hope I am wearing a belt. I posted this on Facebook but I am going to repeat it here. Shopping for jeans BLOWS! I find them that fit in the waist....just not length. So I broke down and ordered a pair in a tall from the Gap and also a pair from Old Navy... so in about 5-7 days we will see.

I've really sucked with working out and water intake the last couple days. I'm fighting some sort of chest cold thingy and my sleep has sucked due to coughing (and worrying, lol)

Okay, this post is pathetic...I'm going to down some cough medicine and see what tomorrow brings!


  1. That pic of Zack & I was taken on Father's Day 2009... Six weeks before I was banded. My face looks a bit different now... Time for some new family pictures!

  2. Hey, he's smart enough to wear a helmet. He'll do great! Of course you'll worry, that's your job. Hang in there.

    PS AMAZING difference from the pre-band to post-band photo. You look so much younger now!

  3. OH I so know your pain. I have three now out of the house and I worry about each of them. Im not sure if it is better that they re girls because they call and tell me everything going on all the time..but then they tell me everything that is going on and I get more worried :)...I have heard boys don't fill you in on stuff as much but I don't have any so am not sure.

    Good luck and I hope your band loosens up a little!


  4. Awe, I feel your mama pain! I still cry whenever the oldest comes home from college for a visit and leaves again! It's the mama in us!

    Glad your jeans are too big!!

  5. What a cute son you have - and yeah, I hear you about them moving out. My 19 year old has been making noises about doing it too. EEK and yet........ lol

    Look at that pic of you before you were banded - your face is so slim now.. still gorgeous tho!!

    Hope that band loosens up some. It's horrible when we slime.. and for you, worse as it was for ages. Blech!

  6. My band is extra tight right now due to a cold, I'm not sure if it is from the meds or mucus, maybe your sliming had more to do with you being sick and it's affect on your restriction.

  7. Oh-- I will be sad when my little one goes, but I have years... he is only 5!
    It can be a hard transition so be gentle with yourself...

  8. What an adorable kid you have. I can imagine how you feel. My two oldest are hitting the pre-teen/teen stage, and that is hard enough!

    Great NSV on needing new jeans, even if shopping for them sucks. The Gap and ON have been good for me.


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