Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Realize band website - NSV

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the NP and am pretty sure I need a small fill. I know I am right on the borderline of the much sought after green zone. I don't recall which fill this is, I think it is my 7th including my unfill. I will get the stats tomorrow. I think I am currently sitting around 8.4 in my realize band???

Anyone else have a realize? Have you been using the website? (realize my success) I chose my realize band based on the info given that the interactive website was an advantage over the lap band. Pretty much all the other stuff was the same, slippage, port flip... In my humble opinion I don't care for the realize site much but that is just me :)

I don't think I have lost or gained anything over the holidays but I really only go by the scale at the docs. Mine at home can read 5 different weights depending on where I place it on the floor so I sorta quit using it....... much!

NSV- wearing a size 14 in jeans (two different brands) which is cool! It's only been about 18 years! What is funny is when I started this whole journey a 14 was like my goal size....now, with 30-35 lbs to go to goal I'm not sure where I will end up size wise??? I am just full of mystery tonight, eh?

On the WORD of Twenty-Ten front - PASSION I have done nothing, nada but it is only the 5th of Jan so I hope to have something to blog about soon on this subject.

till tomorrow....


  1. OOOH on the size 14 jeans.. thats so cool Jen!!

    I have a realize band too. A 10 ml one (or cc's!) I finally got me a fill today - taking me to 7.2... not too far off you! I want that green zone back soooo bad!

  2. I skipped the whole word thing. I needed a whole sentence lol. I have yet to be in a green zone, but I would love to get there. My dayum doctor is so conservative, he is testing my patience!

  3. Well I think you feel pretty passionately (spelling?) about your size 14's...so that counts!

    We were just discussing last night at dinner what we think our goal size is. I think so many of us set our goal size or weight a little high bc it is hard to imagine being smaller then a size 14 or 12 or less then 170 pounds. It will be amazing to see where we all end up!

  4. I have a realize band as well and thought I'd use the site for support and tracking... well I haven't. I am enjoying blogging and reading adventures of other bandsters in thier blogs. I am at 3.1cc in my realize band. I haven't had a fill since October but I'm starting to feel like I need at least a small one. BTW- I'm a Jen from Oregon (living in WA) too! :)

  5. DH & I are getting realize bands. Doc said he had no preference over either one. He said he can insert the realize a little faster and the fact that the port is not sutured on but fastened may be advantageous.

  6. I also have a realize band and actually use the website. It has some room for improvement, but there are some things I really like.

    The food journal is one. I like that you can create custom foods so you can reuse them. I also like the food groupings. I can add all the foods from a recipe, tell it how many servings I am making it and it will do the calcs for me. I can then drag and drop them into my journal. This nice when I pull the leftovers out from the freezer and can't remember what the details were. A good (and bad) thing is that the nutritionalist can see my food journal. Our office is still small (a new branch of the main office) and she actually goes out and checks on it and follows up with me.

    Another thing I like is the way it tracks weight and measurements. I put my baseline measurements in and add an update every once in a while. It does the math for me (not that it is that hard), but also keeps all the history. I know I could do this somewhere else, but it is nice to have it in one spot.

    I use the exercise journal too, but it is limiting in its options. The other things are not that great, but I hear they are still working on improving them.

  7. Chiming in. I have the realize band 11 cc. Band is great but I absolutely do not like the website. I find it hard to navigate and gave up on it after two tries. Blogginb is better for me along with my little notebook I use to journal my food.

  8. I don't care for the realize site either. I keep track of my fills there but nothing else. At one point it used to bug me when I didn't enter my weight every two weeks. Blech.

  9. how about that realize band national recall, everyband has been recalled due to a part around the port. Also new data from the Realize Spokesman Dr. Ponce saying you will lose significantly more weight with the Lap-Band than the Realize or Realize C band


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