Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shamefull plea for a LBD from the sisterhood of traveling clothes!

So... I am headed to Las Vegas (or Lost wages...if you will) the last week of Feb. This is a belated 80th b/d celebration for my mom (the original trip was delayed with my brother-in-laws passing)

I'm wondering if anyone might have a going out on the town dress in a fitted 16 or not so fitted 14W that might be up for grabs??? I'm a freaking total jeans and tee sorta gal and have no idea what is in style or appropriate for my age (40)! Seriously, I have not worn a dress in at least 10 years!

I have a feeling that the big event night will be a trip to see Wayne Newton. Yay! (not so much) but Mom will like it. Side note: Mom knows him...She was affiliated with Bimbo's 365 club in San Francisco and hobnobbed with a few of the celebs from that era. So, should be fun for her, and it is after all about her.
Back to my plea...or ideas on flattering styles for a tall semi-fat chick who is pushing 41 and has no boobs? lol

That is what I've been up to...planning this trip and my first ever ski trip. Ahhh, life of the semi-unemployed tis rough!
Thank you all for the great comments to the first VLOG. That was fun and I was hecka nervous and prolly made you all queasy swinging my chair back and forth, ha-ha

I'd better tend to my soup on the stove....

~ Jen


  1. I win- I win! I have something I think would work for you, I will dig it out later and post a picture- I might have two things for ya...

  2. well heck are any of that skinny? I am just into 16's :) Ross or Marshals or TJ Maxx might provide something cheap and flattering). YOu can then save it for us :) hahaha

    Wayne Newton!! I wanna See Wayne..well I would rather see Tom Jones but Wayne would be cool too...make sure and bring some really big panties so you can fling them up on the stage :)

    Vegas is totally fun! The food not so much anymore but the people watching is a blast.


  3. The biggest Entertainer I remember seeing with my Mom & other family members was Elvis Presley in 1972, just before he gained all his weight & died. I was 17 yrs old.

    I wish that I could help you with a dress, but my dresses are 18-20's & I am short!

  4. I'm posting a pic of the dress for you now...

  5. Wish I could help - but alas - we are pretty much the same size and nothing from this end of the world would get to you on time. Sucks being so far away :(

    Hope you manage to grab something. You're gonna look beautiful and have a fantastic time!!

  6. Thanks Jen! I posted s reply on your blog :)

  7. that should be an "a".... need more coffee


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