Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First fill of 2010

Had my fill today... Another .3 cc's - was too chicken to go with a whole half a cc after my unfill/stress/stuck episode. I'm at 9.2 in my 11cc band, at first it sorta freaked me out to be so high, but now that my adjustments are so small I have relaxed about it. I still have 1.8 cc's of room and am so dialed in right now

On liquids for the next 24 hrs then we will see how she (Claire, my band) feels about it!

I lost four pounds of fat and one pound of muscle since December 9th so I won't be too hard on myself, a loss is a loss and with all the holiday eating/grazing and cheese cake I am thankful for the loss. Truthfully, I behaved pretty good with the exception of working out. I sat around with the kids, hubby and mother-in-law and watched episode after episode of McLeod's Daughters on DVD.

My funk seems to be fading some, I actually wore a color today- RED no black or grey lol, dyed my hair last night and plucked my brows, painted my toes and rubbed some lotion on the skin! I feel much better.

I treated myself to a shopping spree at old navy this afternoon. I got about 10 new tops/sweaters all of them were on clearance and were mostly around $3.99 - $5.99 Great deals! I even got the hubby a new sweatshirt (to ease my guilt, he-he)

Hope this Wednesday is treating you all well,



  1. Reeger gave me .3cc as well yesterday! what a coincidence. Awesome job on that bargain shopping!

  2. Hi Jen - I love your 2010 word, Passion. That was a top contender for me too!

    Congrats on the size 14 jeans, that is awesome. I think I am still 16, have not tried a 14 yet in jeans - my thighs are holding me back!

    Hope this little fill gets you to the green zone. I have 7 ccs in my 10 cc band after just 3 fills! Getting up there pretty quickly!

  3. Hey I got my fill yesterday-so far nothing but smooth sailing. Just a little tighter. I hope both our fills get something moving. I'm jealous of your size 14's! and bargains!!


  4. I had .3 too!! How strange is that - we must be all moving in the same direction.

    I'm so glad you did something for yourself. The hair, nails, shopping should hopefully get you out of the funk altogether.. here's hoping!! xxx

  5. Size 14! That's awesome. Good move to go shopping and spruce yourself up a bit. That always makes me feel better.


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