Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to the basics - via Dinnerland

Dinnerland has posted a back to the basics evaluation of sorts over HERE

I've decided to participate and do some scoring of my own.

Back to basics-- how I'm doing

There are 10 band rules, and if each 1 is a point, then 10/10 would be perfect, 9/10 would be an 'A,' 8/10 would be a 'B,' etc...

Rule # 1: Eat 2-3 small meals a day only; eat only when hungry, and skipping meals is OK.

I average two meals a day with one protein based snack. (lately that has been a shake or bar) I have added this because I wanted to up my daily calories a bit to see if that helped move the scale. It has worked some. I average 1200 a day where I was under 1000 prior.
The one place I will score myself a little lower is only eating when hungry. If I am not feeling that hungry and the clock is pushing past 6pm I eat something even if it is light in nature. I do so to avoid a late night binge. Normally we have dinner by 4:30 - 5 so it is not an issue often.

Score: .75/1

Rule # 2: Eat slowly (wait at least 30 seconds between bites) and chew thoroughly; the goal is masticate food until it is almost liquidated in your mouth.

Hmmm, I chew well but I don't think I wait long enough before bites. It depends on the food I guess. If it is something I am cutting up like a chicken breast I take more time between bites but softer things like fish I can inhale pretty fast.

Score: .5/1

Rule # 3: Stop eating as soon as you feel full

I don't get a real feeling of fullness ever. on the flip side, I don't get a real feeling of hunger. I measure out portions as I am logging calories while trying to bust this last bit off. I am going to score it as a 1 but as my green zone fades (hope not soon) that might change too
Score: 1/1

Rule # 4: Don’t drink while you are eating

I have never broken this rule since being banded. I don't think I did much drinking w/meals prior so it may have been easier for me. I have been told that drinking closer to the start of a meal is okay but to really avoid after for at least 90min.

Score: 1/1

RULE # 5: Don’t eat between meals

I haven't got the munchies/snack attacks in a while but it think that is because I am at a great fill level. If I do reach for something I try to make it count like 2-3 walnut halves or a string cheese. This would be mostly if dinner was being delayed for some reason. I think on this one I am okay.

Score: 1/1

Rule # 6: Eat only fresh food

I'm sort of a food snob and cook fresh most days. I try not to use any overly processed foods. I will use canned beans and red sauces but most meals include a fresh veggie and protein.

Score: 1/1

Rule # 7: Avoid extremely fibrous foods

Asparagus, which I love, was one of the first foods I lost. :( I still use celery but only in soups where I know it will be okay to eat. I also avoid anything with skin/casing No hot dogs, polish sausage or skin on chicken.

Score: 1/1

Rule # 8: Drink enough water during the day; avoid carbonated beverages, which can give you gas pains.

I think I am good on the water. a min. of 64oz most days and if I add in coffee and tea water that goes much higher.
I have not had ONE carbonated beverage since being banded. I do miss sparkling water though. I loved that.

Score: 1/1

Rule # 9: Only drink no-calorie or very low-calorie drinks

Aside from water I consume coffee and decaf tea. With my coffee I allow creamer as part of my logged calories because that is how I enjoy it. It is worth it to me. I am allergic to alcohol so I don't have to worry to much about liquid calories there.

Score: 1/1

Rule # 10: Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

I'm rocking this one! but only since the beginning of Feb. I do at least 45 min of hiking 6 days a week. I have gone 1hr - 1hr+ on quite a few of those days.

Score: 1/1

Total score: 9.25 out of a possible 10.

Hey, not too shabby! But remember this, it only took one year, seven months, one week and six days to get to an A! Had I done this last month or the month before that I would be repeating this class for sure.

That is the one thing I have come to realize is that the band is there... waiting for you to utilize it for the tool that it is. When you F up it is still there and that is comforting. I know this because I basically took 2010 off from working the band. I was lucky in that I lost over all for the year but mentally (and physically) I was not there to do the required work on my end.

I'm working my way back now and my band is holding my hand (as long as I respect it)

What's your score?


  1. I did the same post. It is good to refocus sometimes. But in the end, the band is still there helping us along. You are a superstar!

  2. great post, I believe I'll be doing one of my own as well!

  3. I have no idea how the heck you do this. I really don't. I admire people who get this surgery/procedure because I don't think I'd make it. I picture my stomach just *burst* exploding.

    Y'all lap-banders are a brave bunch!

  4. Oh gosh, I might have to do this, too, for a slap of reality! :( I won't do as well as you! lol

  5. WOW -- you're rocking the rules!! I love the new profile picture.. very lovely.

  6. You are the star :o) I'm nowhere near as good as you, but that will change!!

  7. Wow Jen! You are doing so fantastic!

    I am not anywhere near this good, which I am sure is why I am not losing much weight. This post reminds me that I need to work my band, not expect it to work for me without my help.

    And thanks for Adorkbl's (Banded Kryptonite) blog info!! I will check it out now.

  8. Hi Jen,
    Somehow I found your blog and I have read every bit of it! Your blog has been very helpful and you have done great! I am having my Lap Band surgery April 6th, I am so excited!
    What is your favorite protein drink?
    Liz in Texas


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