Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I sure haven't had much to blog about so I have been trying to keep up with reading.

I had a good time meeting up with the Oregon/WA group last Saturday. That is wayyyyyyy outside my comfort zone as I am super shy but it was fun.

The drive (only 2hrs.) was fine other than my stupid overactive bladder/IC. Nothing like two stops each way. Geesh! I knew to allow extra time but it really is an inconvenience. The Vesicare is not doing much to help with it. I have been tracking my "visits" on a white board and then logging it on my Fitness Pal just to watch for trends and have a record. Nothing like an average of 16 times a day! I am sure the 60-80 oz of water and coffee doesn't help.

This week so far has been busy, to clarify, busy for me. Probably not for the normal person. I had a second visit with the head doc and am feeling very hopeful that some of my anxiety disorder can be addressed without drugging me into numbness. He reminds me of my 5th grade teacher that is sort of weird. So far it has just been the normal getting to know you sessions without any plans of action. I was given an assignment the previous visit to take a blank piece of paper and write/draw/doodle what ever pops in my head. I didn't know how much a simple request like that could put me into a panic. What if I write this and he thinks I am nuts? What if I don't do it at all and he thinks I not committed? This went on for days! Finally, in true college days fashion, I busted it out at midnight the day of the appointment. I don't know what he got from it. I'll have to ask him next time.

I have managed to keep up with my hour hikes the last three days. Sunday being the hardest. I laid around all day worn out from the driving/anxiety from the day before. I have a reminder set in my blackberry that goes off at the same time every day. It says GET UP, MOVE, DO SOMETHING! I reset it 6 times but I made it out of the house and did it. Felt pretty good to dismiss that reminder when it popped up again. Score!

The picture is when I made it to the top of the hill where I promptly Collapsed! It was the most I had ever pushed myself....

Until today! Today I went for more and then I collapsed :)

Today was the yearly visit to the dermatologist where I got a lovely spot treated. That shit hurts! I also took my dog to the vet for an ear infection. I swear this Doctor stuff is a serious full time job. I am glad I am able to do it while I have time but I am still job hunting although I am really not sure I am in a place where I could pull off the F/T grind again. I would have to try...but I have doubts I am well enough, YET!

Trouble riding shotgun....

BORING, I know but I am trying to stay in the habit posting something... anything!

~ Jen


  1. Jen.. why do I feel I can relate to so much you write about.. some days.. some days make me wonder.. I love your picture .. it is so pretty. YOu are far more motivated then I am.. believe me..
    Tonight I get to take my first little X pill.. to hopefully get some sleep.. hope you have a good evening.. hugs

  2. I love the reminder that you set. That is FANTASTIC!

  3. You sure look good collapsing.

  4. I need a reminder like that!

    Your hikes inspire me, I need to get into a routine like that.

  5. I need to get an inspirational reminder. You're an inspiration, keep up the great work. :)

  6. I love blogs like these. I'm glad you posted it!

  7. I wish we could have met! I'm still mad at myself!

  8. You are so pretty! And your dog is, like, edible cute. I love your alarm idea. What a great way to remind yourself to move. Love it!


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