Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekday Dish & updated ticker

Got to update my ticker today for my 20lb goal! I am 6.5 lbs down since 2/23.
I think I will make my 7/31 goal. Fingers crossed!

I have noticed in the last 10 lbs there have been more physical changes to my body. My legs are firmer (hiking is helping I am sure) and clothes are fitting very differently. In a good way.
I am not a shopper. I wear jeans if I go off the mountain. I am normally in PJ's/sweats/hoodies because my house is f'ing cold. I do have a reward item in mind for my 20lbs lost goal. It involves an item of clothing.
More on that when I hit it.

Thought I would do a weekday dish from yesterday, it was a HUGE eating day for me.
Calories: 1518 Protein: 81 (Thought I'd update that ticker before this catches up to me)

AM: Luna bar - nutz over chocolate

Coffee, water
11AM: 3/4C of Roast Beef Hash - I don't care for it but I had tossed everything from the fridge I had to resort to canned goods.

2PM: Jack in the box Churros (3) *sigh*


5PM: about 4oz of roasted pork tenderloin, 1/2 C of mashed potatoes with a spoonful of a fake out gravy (little flour in low sodium chicken broth) and one laughing cow wedge

300 calories on Churros! They were good though, I can't lie.

Today was supposed to be corned beef but when our power went out I threw it in the freezer and just remembered it today so I will be making it tomorrow.

What's your weekday dish?

Hello collar bones! NSV!


  1. Jen you are doing incredible.. and I love the collar bone shot. very sexy.. jealous of your mt hikes..but it does give me some thought about how to motivate myself.. and don't feel bad about your Churros.. I ate a LARGE bag of peanut M^M's yesterday.. like not even a break in between gobbles.. hugs

  2. I love the picture!!! Great NSV.

  3. Holy shitballs. I have ALWAYS wanted collarbones that show. Color me jealous.

  4. Look at those beautiful collar bones! AND YAY FOR YOU ON YOUR LOSS! I'm proud of ya! PROUD! *claps*

  5. Well hello there collar bones. AWESOME NSV!! Woot!

  6. and what beautiful collar bones they are too! :) Can't wait to hear about the item of clothing. HUGS!

  7. those bones were the first thing I noticed at our Eugene meet up...and totally stand out in the picture.

    Churros :) yum...



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