Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it really Thursday already?

Blogging while under the influence of my sleeping meds so please forgive any typos or wayward thoughts.

I can't believe it is Thursday already. The last week is such a blur. Husband update: Four 120mi R/T drives to the VA Hospital and still nothing firm although I will give them kudos for diving in to find out what is going on. Stroke is still the suspected thing and he had an MRI today so hope to know more on Monday. His kidney function is crazy bad but not sure why but lots of tests have been ran so here we wait. In the meantime he has been good about going each day but still dealing with dizziness and nausea and a numb tongue.

Thank you so much for the well wishes, support and prayers. I apologize for being absent. I don't know how far back I will get today in reading/commenting. Tomorrow (fingers crossed) will be a day to catch up, get some chores done, buy some food for the house. My poor skinny 6'3" 18 y/o is living on cereal. When the milk ran low today he ate a box of mac & cheese out of desperation.

Positive notes:
*I have not allowed myself to go into "take over" mode on his health care.
*I am assisting but making sure he is doing it for the most part. (This is huge! I am fighting the urge to take it all on but so far I haven't)
*I am firmly planted in onederland!
*I'm still working on my goal & getting the water in.
*I am allowing myself time to hike, talk to my friends or family to vent when needed.
*I need to shop for some size 12's as my 14's are sagging off my butt and I have to wash them in hot water before I leave the house.
*I bought two medium shirts. They were old navy medium, but still.... I have medium shirts hanging in my closet! I had got a couple large shirts the week before and realized they were big!
* and lastly, I have a plastics consult next Tuesday. Although, I will have to fight my insurance but I am willing to try.

That's about all I got for now... Zzzzzzz!

Oh wait! I keep meaning to post this little nugget I came up with for any cheesecake lovers out there.
Take a light laughing cow wedge - I think they are 35 calories/ 2g Protein. Unwrap and sprinkle a tiny shake of splenda and Cinnamon on top. Throw in the freezer for 20 min or so... The cinnamon lends the flavor of a graham cracker crust and is good for you. I liked it anyway!

Goodnight :)


  1. Sounds like you have a good handle on everything! Keep positive!

    Saggy butt syndrome is a common thing for us banders! LOL!
    Why do I lose off my butt first! It isn't fair. But better there than my boobs I guess. Take some time to get some size 12's!!!

  2. Don't you EVER apologize for "being absent." You just focus on figuring out what's up with your hubby and taking good care of him. Okay?! Never apologize for not being here.

    CONGRATS on the jeans! I'm thrilled for to YOU...I know what it's like to go down a size! It's happy, happy, happy!

  3. Jen, you are doing a great job managing your DH's health, your weight, your well being. Being a caretaker for someone you care about is HARD!!! I'm glad you are taking care of yourself.

  4. Oh, I do hope everything turns out for the best with your hubs.
    Thanks for the laughing cow tip-- sounds divine.
    Hang in there, babes.

  5. Glad to hear that your husband is making more of an effort to find out what is going on. Hopefully, they figure it out very soon.

    Love hearing about all your NSVs! And I will have to try your Laughing Cow tip. :)


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